Anna Lomax

“My project demonstrates the idea of becoming a master of the clarks originals craft and the everyday dedication that comes with this experience. Illustrated through three chapters: Revived, Replicated and Reinterpreted, my pieces magnify small moments and key practical processes used day-to-day by the experts at Clarks hq.”

From a residency at our Head Quarters in Somerset, Anna has explored the production methods, traditions and skills employed to create each Clarks Originals shoe. Applying her pioneering artistic and abstract approach, she’s created stills, gifs and small films in response to her dedicated time spent in our studios.

“I’ve encapsulated the atmosphere in the Clarks workshops, though materials, colour and movement. I have re-crafted traditional tools and processes into new objects, designed to expand possibilities and portray the attitude, style and culture embodied by Clarks Originals.”

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