The Original Track

The Pioneers' 'Let your yeah be yeah'

ORIGINALS REMIXED is here...celebrating 40 years of the Desert Trek, 50 years of Jamaican independence and the success of four renowned DJ Producers from around the world. We join the mighty Trojan Records to revive this reggae classic.

Since its creation in 1968, Trojan Records has led the way in presenting the very best in classic Jamaican sounds, from the Rock Steady and early Reggae sounds that dominated in the years of its launch, through Roots, Dub and Rockers, up to the modern styles of contemporary Dancehall.

The label has always taken pride in the quality of its releases, which have consistently highlighted the very best in sounds from the cream of Jamaica’s musical talent, issuing records that have influenced Reggae for decades.
Sharing its birthday with our beloved Desert Trek, The Pioneers’ ‘Let Your Yeah Be Yeah’ was released by Trojan Records in 1971. Penned by the honourable Jimmy Cliff, group’s hit version of the song defined a sound that ensured their deep-rooted status in the world’s Reggae community and beyond.

Holding a special place in our hearts, this record will provide the foundations of four remixes exclusive to Clarks Originals. Toddla T (UK), Riva Starr (ITALY), Mighty Crown (Japan) and Tokimonsta (USA) join us for ORIGINALS REMIXED.Get excited for four ground breaking remixes, FREE downloads released here on from 2nd July 2012.