The Guernsey sandal that inspired the Clarks Desert Boot.

Upon his return to England, Clark sources the finest materials and craftsmen to transform his idea into reality. Using a Nature Form last from the existing Clarks Guernsey sandal shape, his construction methods were ground breaking. At a time when most men’s shoes were made from stiff, formal leather it was almost unthinkable to use suede, yet Clark opted for Natural Beige 2mm suede from Charles F. Stead, the supplier which still creates Desert Boot suede today. Clark also borrowed the Guernsey’s stitch-down construction, a technique which gave the Desert Boot its distinctive orange stitching

Yet, when Clark presents his new innovation to the board, they are far from impressed. ‘It will never sell’ is the response of his extended family members. Undeterred and spurred on by his instinct that the Desert Boot is the style which the world is waiting for, Nathan Clark travels to America to present his innovation.

The Desert Boot launched to trade at a shoe fair in Chicago in 1949. The style was picked up by the Fashion Editor of Esquire and America was quickly captivated by the Clarks Desert Boot’s deceptively simple silhouette and unusual crepe sole. The Clarks Desert Boot was declared as the world’s first true ‘dress casual’ shoe.

They soon grew popular across the world. In France, they became known as ‘Les Clarks’ while everyone from Ivy League students to Jazz artists adopted Desert Boots as part of their uniform.


The Desert Boot is now an established icon for subcultures in all corners of the globe. Its silhouette is set to define cool but smart style for decades to come. But the Desert Boot would not exist today if it weren’t for the passion, belief and innovation of Nathan Clark.

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