The Artwork

Peter O’Toole is an artist and illustrator whose work gives a modern take on vintage inspirations. Working from his converted windmill in Huddersfield, O’Toole’s artwork is a stylish reminder of the Desert Boot’s 1950s origins and unique cult classic place in fashion today.

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The Socks

Each Made in England set comes with an exceptionally crafted pair of socks by TRiCKETT of Lancashire. Knitted using 100% Lancastrian cotton on traditional looms and finished by hand, the socks come in a trio of colours which each represent elements of the Clarks Desert Boot story. Sandy beige recalls the desert landscapes of Cairo where the boots were originally made. The accents of orange echo the tangerine stitching which is an original Desert Boot feature revived for the Made in England collection. Finally, rich blue represents sapphire, the 65th anniversary stone.

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The Suede Cleaner

To keep each pair of Made in England boots looking pristine, an exclusive crepe suede cleaner in the shape of the Desert Boot’s iconic fob in Sheffield Steel has been created by Mamnick, a brand inspired by the splendour of the Peak District who manufacture near Sheffield. Their mantra to ‘do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible’ sums up the artisanal approach which Made in England captures.

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From 1st July 2015 Clarks Originals are issuing 1950 x Made in England packs, released for sale in limited drops throughout 2015.




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