Michael Kurtz


One of Record Store Day’s originators - Michael Kurtz joins Clarks Originals for RSD ‘13 and tells how the event has grown into a global phenomenon.

In 2006, at a conference called Noise in the Basement, which Michael Kurtz and his coalition held to bring record store owners together, an idea was sparked to hold an event called Record Store Day to promote and celebrate the unique culture of the independent record store. In that first year, support from stores, customers and very importantly, artists poured in and Record Store Day become a yearly event to celebrate independent record stores on a global scale.

“The reason Record Store Day works is because the artists are passionate… It’s a day that we celebrate music much like religions have days to celebrate a faith.’’

Last year’s RSD 2012 saw thousands of record stores participating across the globe, with hundreds of dedicated vinyl releases. The dedication of great artists who make the releases, and also show up at record stores to celebrate has turned the event into a worldwide phenomenon. Fans flock to record stores all over the world to experience intimate live shows, discover limited edition records and continue to be passionate about vinyl.

Record Store Day ‘13 is coming up this April, with Clarks Originals backing the global event. Michael says:

“The most important aspect of the Clarks Originals collaboration is the music. When we found out that Best Coast are the artists to create a special piece for Record Store Day to compliment what we are doing, this made us very happy.”

Michael Kurtz, Best Coast and record store owners will be offering up playlists of recommended vinyl to collect. Hear them exclusively here on, and follow their advice for your Record Store Day purchases!