Best Coast

Best Coast and their mesmerising surf-rock sound join Clarks Originals for Record Store Day 2013 and the summer season.

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno aka Best Coast formed in Los Angeles in 2009. Renowned for their recognisable rock-meets-surf sound, Bethany fronts the duo with dreamy vocals that suit Bob’s multi-instrumental talent, who leads on guitar. After some initial special releases on 7” vinyl with independent labels, Mexican Summer and Wichita Records signed the band and produced their first album: Crazy for You in July 2010. Drew Barrymore stepped in to direct the compelling music video for Our Deal which was an exciting and natural collaboration for the band leading onto their next album.

Best Coast’s style then progressed from fuzzy 1960s inspired garage-rock to a clearer sound for The Only Place, produced by the legendary Jon Brion. Recently released in 2012 on LP, the album keeps their pop-punk style, adding country influences to a rich sound that’s best heard on vinyl.

Sharing our appreciation for independent record stores and the unique culture that surrounds vinyl, Best Coast join us to support Record Store Day 2013. Collaborating to celebrate all things vinyl, we’ve been working together to produce an exclusive 7” record for the occasion. Out on April 20th Best Coast will support the launch of the new single with an intimate set at ….. in LA.
“The cool thing about us working with Clarks Originals and Record Store Day on this project is to have something come out for our fans, for people to get excited about…to be able to record a new song will be awesome and we are definitely excited!”

We visit the band in LA to produce the single and commence the Record Store Day journey – watch the documentary here from 4th March.